King Open School

Sunrise teamed up with W.T. Rich, William Rawn Associates, Architects, Inc., and the City of Cambridge on this exciting new public school complex for the King Open/Cambridge Street Upper Schools in Cambridge, MA.

Sunrise was hired on a design-assist contract and worked diligently with the design team to establish a menu of items and associated costs from which the entire team could track, evaluate and aid in the decision-making process.

At the conclusion of the design-assist phase, the design intent was maintained and the project cost was reduced by approximately 4 percent.

Complete scope of work included:

  • Aluminum curtainwall by C.I Energía Solar ESWindows
  • Aluminum vents by C.I Energía Solar ESWindows
  • Aluminum skylights by Wasco Skylights
  • Thermally broken framing by SMART Ci Green Girt
  • Insulation by Roxul Inc.
  • Terra cotta by NBK Architectural Terracotta
  • Phenolic panels by FunderMax
  • Composite aluminum panels by Vitrabond
  • Acoustic CW by St. Cloud Window
  • Interior Sliding Partitions by Wilson Partitions

Special thanks to C.I Energía Solar ESWindows for the great shots!