Sunrise Company Culture

Here at Sunrise, we believe that a healthy company culture is one of the keys to a successful organization. We strive to create an atmosphere that inspires and motivates our employees, encourages team bonding, and captures the core values of our company. We take pride in our ability to create a fun, happy and exciting work environment, and we’re constantly looking for ways to strengthen our culture, from annual ski trips to hiking excursions, bowling nights, yoga and much more.

Weekly Fitness

At Sunrise Erectors, we place significant emphasis on the value of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. We prioritize the well-being of our team members, understanding that optimal mental health directly contributes to peak performance in the workplace. As part of our commitment to fostering this balance, we host weekly sessions led by seasoned yoga and fitness instructor, Jan Murray, at our Canton headquarters.

These sessions serve as an opportunity for our team to rejuvenate both mind and body through mindful movement and relaxation techniques. With Jan's guidance, participants engage in activities aimed at enhancing the connection between mental and physical wellness. By dedicating an hour each week to this practice, our team members benefit from a midday reset, allowing them to return to their tasks with renewed focus and energy.

At Sunrise Erectors, we firmly believe that prioritizing active recovery is essential for sustaining peak performance.