808 Memorial Dr., Cambridge, MA
Education First North America HQ - Cambridge, MA
King Open School - Cambridge, MA

The design-assist concept has been widely adopted by owners, construction managers/general contractors and architects as a way to streamline project schedules, control costs, and improve the overall delivery of the project.

Involving the expertise of various subcontractors much earlier in the design phase has significantly reduced requests for information, improved drawing coordination, and helped to deliver a more comprehensive set of construction documents. In turn, this concept has enabled the subcontractor to minimize coordination issues and ultimately meet the ever-demanding project schedules and budgets of a project.

Here at Sunrise Erectors, Inc., we pride ourselves on the design-assist services and capabilities that we offer. We have established a strong team of engineers, drafters and project managers who are fluent in the design-assist process and have delivered many successful projects in this manner. Throughout our design-assist experience, Sunrise has created strong relationships with the design teams, CM/GCs and other subcontractors.

We feel that this has been a major key to our success and to the project delivery as a whole. We are a true advocate for this integrated approach and we look forward to continuing to provide design-assist services to meet the growing demands of the construction market.

Our strength is a complete turn-key approach from ‘cradle-to-reality’ that starts with conceptual design, design, modeling, testing, and a complete and comprehensive manufacturing process — all under one umbrella.

Sunrise Erectors Design-Assist Portfolio:

Rhode Island State Health Lab
Enterprise Research Campus Hotel
17 Farnsworth St., Boston
Eva White Housing Community
50-60 Sylvan Rd., Waltham
Gillette Stadium
100 Chestnut St., Somerville
66 Galen St., Watertown
Norwood Hospital
155 North Beacon St., Brighton
300 Binney St., Cambridge
808 Memorial Dr., Cambridge
Citizens Bank HQ
Northeastern Univ. Burlington Lab
Analog Devices HQ
Harvard District Energy Facility
Wentworth Institute Academic Building
Union Square, Somerville
Xmbly, Somerville
Suffolk Downs R-10 Parcel
Boston Medical Center
Alexandria Real Estate
Boston University Theater Center
King Open School
Brandeis University Castle Hall
Education First, EF-III
Cape Cod Hospital PBA & MMD
Bigelow Chapel Addition