Sunrise Erectors specializes in a wide range of façade treatment systems, including:

SEI Composite Metal Wet-Sealed System: The composite metal wet sealed system offers a weather-tight exterior cladding application while providing maximum flexibility with form and function.  Composite panels provide a unique solution to your metal design while offering superior flatness and limitless configurations. SEI custom fabricates all of our composite metal panels in house and can offer the most unique solutions to any design. The composite metal wet sealed application utilizes standard round and return methods. The panels are clipped to the support furring with .090 aluminum clips or in some circumstances continuous aluminum angles. Typical panel joints are ½” wide and are sealed at the panel face with silicone sealant.

SEI Pressure Equalized Composite Metal Rainscreen System: The pressure equalized rainscreen system has proven most popular for a variety of façade applications. This system uses typical panel rout and return methods attaching to SEI’s continuous perimeter extrusion. While the extrusion acts as the primary perimeter fastening point, it also serves as a back-up gutter system draining any unlikely water infiltration to the bottom of the system. The extrusions also provide housing for the composite metal spline which sits 1” back from the face of the panel and gives the rainscreen system its defining perimeter reveals. Our composite metal rainscreen system has been tested and passed both AAMA 508-07 and NFPA-285 test standards.

Phenolic Panels: Typically used in rainscreen applications, phenolic panels offer a unique appearance with endless possibilities to enhance any façade. These panels which are described as a high-pressure compact laminate offer excellent durability and rigidity and offer a generous amount of standard colors and finishes. SEI has completed numerous phenolic panel projects with both exposed and concealed fastener systems. SEI is one of the few local fabricators for phenolic panels which gives us greater flexibility with your project schedule and allows us to better control your building tolerances.

Flat Lock Panels:  Most commonly utilizing zinc, copper or other natural metals, the flat lock tiling system creates the charming ship-lapped look desired by many designers and developers.  Flat lock tiles can be fabricated in many styles and patterns and formed to fit around intricate cornices and other challenging areas.

Single Skin Profile Panels:  Single skin panels come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and are often chosen as a more economic cladding solution. These panels are typically roll formed offering great consistency in shape. SEI has installed countless single skin panels as a primary wall cladding component, equipment screen and in many other exterior applications. Our suppliers offer numerous profiles with both concealed and exposed fastener systems. Most single skin panels can also be perforated with numerous configurations offering different levels of transparency. Single skin panel systems are typically complimented with perimeter trim, flashings and coping which can be custom formed and fabricated by SEI to meet your design needs.

Insulated Metal Panels: Insulated metal panels offer a unique design principle standing as your single source exterior cladding component. When installed properly the insulated metal panels can be fastened directly to the metal stud wall eliminating the need for sheathing, air and vapor barrier, insulation and cladding. These  panels come in a variety of shapes and thicknesses offering superior thermal performance and ease of installation.

Louvers: SEI has established itself as an expert in louver installation in both architectural and functional applications. Louvers often become a primary exterior façade component contributing immensely to the overall aesthetic of the building. SEI’s in house engineering department can help to design and develop your louver installation to fit seamlessly with its neighboring cladding materials.

Windows, Curtainwall and Storefront: SEI is quickly becoming a leading installer for a variety of glass and glazing systems. SEI has extensive experience with fabrication and installation of windows, curtainwall and storefront systems utilizing a variety of vendors. SEI can offer a distinct advantage with these installations when combined with one or more of our specialty exterior cladding components. Proper sequencing, water proofing and transition details are meticulously engineered to offer superior performance and ease of installation.

Terra Cotta: SEI has years of experience installing terra cotta and other stone cladding systems. SEI has established relationships with suppliers both foreign and domestic enabling us to find the perfect tile design and support system for your job.

AVB Insulation and Custom Framing: Building envelopes have become significantly more sophisticated over the past decade incorporating new concepts and regulations regarding thermal performance as well as air and moisture control. Architects now view the exterior envelope as a unified system and not just an assembly of individual parts. As an exterior façade specialist, SEI can help to assure that the proper AVB, insulation and framing systems are being used for your project and are always mindful of proper installation techniques and compatibility.

Sunshades: Sunshades are quickly becoming a popular design feature for many types of buildings. Sunrise has designed and installed numerous different types of sunshade systems and helped to seamlessly integrate the connections into curtainwall, panel systems, masonry, and many other cladding elements. We have also designed and developed several custom extruded stand-alone sunshades/screen walls that are becoming the main cladding feature of existing parking garages.

Skylights: Sunrise has vast experience with installing several types of skylight systems. From simple strips to more complicated pitches and electrochromic glazing, we will work with some of the industry’s top skylight manufacturers to provide the best solution for any project.

All-Glass Walls: Sunrise has experience installing some of the most intricate and detailed all-glass wall systems. These truly customized high end systems are specifically designed and tailored to each individual project. SEI will team with some of the best custom glass wall designers such as Sentech Architectural systems to help make seemingly impossible structures into a reality. The complexity of these systems requires an extreme level of detail, engineering and installation precision that few can accomplish successfully. It is a service that we are proud to offer and stand behind.

Unitized Panels: Sunrise has seen a quickly growing trend toward more and more aggressive project schedules. This trend has driven the industry to prefabricate as much of the building as possible to reduce installation time. We have responded by developing our own custom unitized panel system, which incorporates the entire wall assembly into prefabricated sections. Similar to a unitized curtainwall, this panel system can be hung on the building as soon as the slabs are poured to drastically reduce the overall time to complete a façade. Our backup structure can be paired with any type of finished cladding system that is 100 percent shop assembled.