Safety Committed.

Health and safety is at the root of all that Sunrise does. Safety is not only our highest priority, but a permanent, ever-improving fixture in our organization. We strive to constantly enhance the development and execution of our safety program for our employees, other trade partners, and the general public. Through our years of experience, we understand the intrinsic risks associated with the work that we do and take a proactive approach to implement the best safe practices to perform this work in the safest way possible.

As no two jobs are the same, we aim to eliminate or control all potential risks through proper pre-planning, risk assessment and thorough hazard analysis.

Safety Led.

Safety starts early and at the top. Our senior leadership takes pride in engaging in the early safety planning phases of a project and investing in the right resources, training and proper equipment to further enhance the safety on our projects.

Valuing people over profits, Sunrise employees are equipped with the knowledge and power that safety trumps all; if the job can’t be done safely, the job can’t be done.

Safety Supported.

Our safety department is comprised of more than just safety managers and directors; every Sunrise employee, from the office to the fabrication shops to the job sites, is an integral part of our successful safety culture.

“Safety is everyone’s responsibility,” a cliché worth repeating, is a mentality that drives the creation of a healthy and safe working environment.

Having a “safety-first” attitude is engrained in the character of all our employees, not only to understand how and why we work safe, but more importantly to have the inherent motivation to want to work safe.

Whether you are a seasoned lead foreman or a first-year apprentice, our safety culture empowers each employee to feel like an integral part in our success. Our robust safety culture stems from the passion and accountability of each employee.