Family is the core value of our organization at Sunrise Erectors, Inc. In an effort to support our employees with growing families, we opened up our own in-house childcare center!

We opened in October of 2019 and have been growing in numbers ever since! Our center includes three classrooms — infant aged, toddler aged and preschool aged. Sunrise Childcare Center is officially licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care and provides the children of our employees at our Canton HQ with quality support and guidance that will meet their developmental, social, behavioral and academic needs.

Our highly qualified staff provide the children with the structure and curriculum to mold their young minds while providing them with a nurturing environment throughout their day. We could not be prouder of our dedicated childcare center staff who give their all to support their students each day!

Sunrise Childcare Center has been an integral part of the company culture at Sunrise Erectors for the past four years as it allows our employees to have their children and grandchildren on site with them, while being well taken care of by our highly qualified staff.