Update from Saugus Middle High School

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Excited to be closing in on the completion of Dri-Design solid aluminum flat and tapered metal panels at the East Entrance of Saugus Middle High School. The custom graphic on the West elevation of the building can be seen by Commuters on Route 1 and changes with the light and angle of view!

Project Scope includes:
Greengirt Thermal Z furring
Roxul Mineral Wool Insulation
Monarch Extruded Aluminum Furring
DriDesign Panels
Morin Perforated Roof Mechanical Screen Panels
Parklex Phenolic Panels and Soffits at DriDesign openings/overhangs, wall panels, and benches
Fundermax Phenolic Wall Panels
Fundermax Phenolic Custom Graphic Wall Panels
Construction Specialties Louvers
HyTek Phenolic Interior Plank Flooring