Duane Stanley

Preconstruction Executive

Duane Stanley is a strong pillar of the Sunrise family, bringing 27 years of experience in the industry along with him. With each challenge he brings drive and ambition to get the job done with accuracy and efficiency. On top of his attention to detail, Duane is truly a leader in all aspects at Sunrise. He prioritizes relationships, and puts being a part of the solution above all else. With his technical knowledge and understanding of many systems and product knowledge, his credibility and his customer service is often unmatched. He fits right in adding a charisma and energy presence that can lighten the mood in any situation. On top of that he is an important resource within each facet of our company from estimating, QA/QC, drafting, engineering, purchasing, project management and many more.  We are incredibly lucky to have Duane apart of Team Sunrise!