starting the new year off strong at analog devices!

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Starting the new year off strong over at the Analog Devices World Headquarters site! The team is currently working on the installation of ACM panels on the Hub Building and connector bridges.

Full scope includes:
Bridge Skylights – Acurlite Structural Skylights
ACM panels – Vitrabond
Matrix Corrugated panels – Morin – A Kingspan Group Company
18″ Wood look solar shading fins – Levolux
Specialty Okatech Glazing – OKALUX North America
Curtainwall and glass – C.I EnergĂ­a Solar ESWindows / Tecnoglass
Structural glass fin wall – Sentech Architectural
5′ deep Fins – Levolux – They include vision fhen anodized mesh (Ash & Lacy SA)

Honored to have played a role in this project for the better part of 2019 – and plan to finish strong in 2020!

GC: Lee Kennedy Co.
Architect: Baker Design Group, Inc.