King Open – A Design-Assist Collaboration

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Nearing completion at King Open in Cambridge!

Grateful for the opportunity to team up with W.T. Rich Company, William Rawn Associates, Architects, Inc.. and the city of Cambridge on this design-assist collaboration.

SEI was contracted prior to the construction phase to aid in the design development process. The project team participated in weekly design-assist meetings, which focused primarily on value engineering and exploring different material options and details. SEI worked diligently with the design team to establish a menu of items and associated costs from which the entire team could track, evaluate, and aid in the decision-making process.

Here at SEI, we are true advocates for this integrated approach, and we pride ourselves on the design-assist services and capabilities that we offer. We have established a strong team of engineers, drafters and project managers who are fluent in the design-assist process and have delivered many successful projects in this manner – including the King Open/Cambridge Street Upper School & Community Complex!

The scope of work for this project included: aluminum curtainwall, aluminum vents, aluminum skylight, thermally broken framing, insulation, terra cotta, phenolic panels, and composite aluminum panels.