employee(s) of the month!

We didn’t want to let the summer go by without acknowledging our most recent three employees of the month! From L-R; Senior Project Manager, Mike Stags; Senior Project Manager, Chip Chisholm; and Plant Production Supervisor, Matt Kowalski!
Mike Stags, a veteran of Sunrise, plays a key role in our PM staff, with a day-to-day that involves overseeing several of our smaller, specialty projects. He is a true problem-solver, with an impressive attention to detail. Stags’ expertise and leadership have been a profound asset to our team over the years.
Chip Chisholm joined Team Sunrise in the spring of 2017, but his experience in the industry dates back well before then. We were incredibly fortunate to have been given the opportunity to welcome Chip aboard – not only due to his vast knowledge and unstoppable work ethic, but also for his incredible sense of humor – he keeps us laughing all day long!
Matt Kowalski oversees plant manpower, fabrication, and scheduling of panels and metal shop framing & flashing. Matt joined Team Sunrise in the spring of 2017, and quickly proved his value. He is constantly commended for his positive attitude and willingness to help get things done. A true team player!!
Keep up the good work, Team!