Employee of the month

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Introducing our employee of the month, Shop Foreman, Warren Columbus!

Warren joined Sunrise in early 2018 and quickly proved to be a great asset to our curtain wall and glass operation. Warren brought years of automated CW fabrication experience to Sunrise and has significantly improved our curtainwall fabrication process from start to finish. He has an in-depth knowledge of the different CAD software’s and how they integrate with our CNC equipment. He has fabricated numerous different types of CW systems and knows the ins and outs of each one. He is extremely detail-oriented and a true problem solver. Most importantly, he is a pleasure to be around. He has built a team of fabricators around him that truly appreciate and respect him, and has helped to educate everyone in the company from the bottom to the top. We are truly lucky to have Warren apart of the team leading (and further strengthening!) our CW/glass fabrication division.

He also just got married! Congratulations, Warren! Proud to have you representing the team!

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