substantially complete at analog devices world headquarters

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Ecstatic to report that the exterior scope of the Analog Devices Inc. World Headquarters project in Wilmington is substantially complete! The Sunrise team is in the process of closing in on the final curtainwall section at the Building 7 loading zone.

We are beyond proud to have played a role in the completion of this beautiful project. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the first class teams of Baker Design Group and Lee Kennedy Co. to bring this incredible design to reality.

Sunrise scope included the furnish & install of:

>ACM by Vitrabond
>Matrix 1.0 Corrugated Panels by Morin – A Kingspan Group Company
>ES7525SS Curtainwall System by Eswindows with glazing by Tecnoglass.
>Skylights by Acurlite Structural Skylights
>Phenolic Panels by FunderMax
>Solar shading fins by Levolux
>Okatech Glazing by Okalux
>Structural Glass Fin wall by Sentech Architectural Systems
>Expanded Aluminum Mesh by Amico

Check out the great photos attached!