Progress update from Somerville High School


Progress update from Somerville High School:

The team is currently Installing GCP Applied Technologies NPS detail membrane at the window openings. Then, once the window subframes are installed, the crew will install additional GCP NPS detail membrane before they roll out the GCP VPL-50 membrane.

Full scope of work at the new Somerville High School to include:
125,000 SF of AVB (GCP Applied Technologies)
48,000 SF NBK Architectural Terracotta
25,000 SF of Aluminum Curtain wall (EFCO Corporation) and glazing (Oldcastle)
22,000 SF of ACM panels (Alcotex)
24,000 SF of Corrugated Panels (Morin Corp.)
Aluminum Airfoils (Construction Specialties)
Sunshades (Construction Specialties)
Louvers (Construction Specialties)
Louver screens (Construction Specialties)

GC: Suffolk Construction
Architect: SMMA