November Employee of the Month!


Introducing our November employee of the month – our senior design engineer/consultant, Ken Proulx! Ken, a veteran of Sunrise, has been a critical member of the team for the past two decades! He is a true role model for Team Sunrise and has played a major role in the success of our systems and operations.

Ken acts as the primary in-house liaison on our more complex design-build projects. He combines construction experience, design creativity, and an understanding of manufacturing methods with strong problem-solving abilities into one skill set. This unique combination allows him to visualize concepts, anticipate concerns and envision solutions to even the most complex project challenges.

Sunrise is incredibly fortunate to have had Ken part of the team since the very beginning! Here’s to you, Ken, our well-deserved employee of the month!

Pictured here is Ken with his 5-month-old puppy, Hunter! Hunter joins Ken at the office a few days a week 😊

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