Employee of the month

1 Farid.jpgsmall 808 SEI untized metal panel system.jpgsmall

Introducing our employee of the month, Project Engineer, Farid Forouhi!

Farid joined Sunrise in 2019 and quickly proved to be a strong asset to the team. He has played a positive role on a handful of different projects over the last couple of years. Most recently – and most notably – Farid has been been a huge part of the engineering effort on the 808 Memorial Drive project with NEI General Contracting & Bruner/Cott. He has been 3D modeling and working through all of the fabrication drawings for our new unitized panel system – which has been an incredibly successful operation – thanks to Farid and the rest of the team. (Photo below from 808 Memorial Drive of the progress on the unitized panel system thus far on site.)

Farid is a diligent and reliable employee. He comes in every day with a great attitude and a smile on his face. You can always count on him to be focused and productive. Farid is a pleasure to have around and constantly brings a strong work ethic to our company, which rubs off on those around him.

Keep up the good work, Farid!

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