A look inside hancock lot parking facility

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Coming to you on this hot and humid Wednesday with a little look inside one of our newer projects, the Hancock Lot Parking Facility in Quincy!

Installation of custom terracotta baguette ladders with extruded aluminum jambs is currently underway from the roof of the parking facility. Each terracotta ladder section is lifted into place from the roof using The “Brandon” compact telehandler (pictured) and anchored into place by another crew on the subsequent level.

The installation process is similar to a unitized curtainwall system. As with any unitizing project, layout space for sequence of installation is an important aspect of planning and coordination. Our team was able to use the roof to our advantage for this project, also alleviating the congestion on the ground level due to landscaping and earth work by others.

Also pictured are custom square railings and custom perforated “living screens” by Sunrise Erectors, Inc.Trowel Trades Supply, Inc., Aliva Engineering, & Acrob Buchtal.

Great coordination and execution by the team!

GC: Lee Kennedy Co.
Architect: Spalding Tougias Architects